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Mash it up

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One of the exciting attributes of digital media is the ability to combine and recombine exisiting work into new forms. The ability to rapidly remix images, audio, video and text has unleashed scores of fun new tools that can enhance instruction and provide platforms for digital exposition and storytelling. 


This year's ETUG workshop has set aside time and lab space for participants to explore how web-based tools can quickly unleash the mad creative artist that lurks within us. The mashup lab is intended to offer a guided, no-risk environment to colour outside the lines and take some chances.


We will use Alan Levine's 50 Ways to Tell a Story as our framework. We will focus on a smaller subset of these tools for on-site demonstration and support, but you are welcome to employ any other tool that you wish. Perhaps you have images, sound or video clips that evoke the theme of 'creativity' to you. If so, please bring either the files or the URLs where they can be found. If you prefer to start from scratch, be prepared to explore the vast stores of freely-licensed open educational resources that are available on the web -- just waiting for a good mashing.


We are taking something of a leap with this activity - the outcome of all this is unknown. Perhaps a collaborative artifact of our time together on Granville Island will emerge. Maybe not. But we are determined to have fun and to get a sense of what it means to manipulate media with the new generation of mixing tools.


A few examples:


Balancing Act - Barbara Ganley


My house as a movie set - Dean Shareski's demo of VoiceThread, which allows easy audio and textual annotation of images.


Oral Histories of Route 66 and "found" urban public gardens in Vancouver - Google Maps


Tell a story by linking Flickr images via notes


Blabberize - stupid, but kind of fun


Mediated Cultures - Michael Wesch using Netvibes, aggregation as mashuo


If you wish to suggest media for people to play with -- either material created here at the ETUG event or something cool out on the wider web -- add a link on this wiki, or tag items in del.icious or Flickr with 'etug2008'.


Think of this time and space as a place to play, to extend the learning from the other sessions - and if need be, a place to decompress and just chill out...


And feel free to edit this page with links to your media, or just to add questions and comments!


Grassroots videos on YouTube

History of Eyeglasses

Friday Morning keynote timelapse




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Comments (2)

sleslie said

at 9:37 am on May 29, 2008

Wow, I had never seen the Barbara Ganley piece or the Vuvox tool. Very cool, worth it just to see that!

Brian said

at 10:13 am on May 29, 2008

Isn't it awesome? Too bad Vuvox Collage is in private beta right now...

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